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China plastic mould market situation!

Date:2013-03-27 21:00:08From:Taizhou Yongxin Pioneer Metals Corporation

Due to China plastic mould is given priority to with cheap products, product price advantage obviously, some even only foreign product price 1/5 ~ 1/3, after joining the WTO, the foreign similar products on the domestic impact is not big, while Chinese exports of cheap mould increase; In high precision mould, before the entry into the WTO was mainly rely on imports, after joining the WTO, not only for the import of high-tech products has brought more convenience, but also lead to more foreign investment to China, bring the foreign advanced mold technology and management experience, to the cultivation of Chinese professional mold played a role.

In 2006, China plastic mold output value is about more than 300 one hundred million yuan, which exports about 5.8 billion yuan. According to customs statistics, 2006 countries import plastic mold of about $1 billion, or about 8.3 billion yuan. Thus concluded that, in addition to produce their own, the market in sales, in 2006 China plastic mould total demand of about 31.3 billion yuan, homebred mould aggregate supply is about 23 billion yuan, the market to meet at a rate of 73.5%. Imports of plastic mold, mostly all kinds of decoration for the automotive mould, for all kinds of plastic shell mold, home appliance in communication and office equipment form a complete set of all kinds of plastic injection mould, extrusion mould used for building materials as well as the electronics industry supporting various encapsulation molds, etc. Exports of plastic mould in the majority with cheap products. Because China plastic mould price is low, has the strong competitiveness in the international market, so the prospect of further expand exports is very good, in recent years, exports grew by an average of 50% or more is a good proof. Taizhou yong xin metal co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the development of product design, mold design, precision injection molding, assembly, painting, printing, anodic oxidation and machining.


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